Saturday, November 17, 2007

Completing A 1968 Topps White Sox Set

I'm slowly trying to get older White Sox team sets completed. I even count the multi player cards with a Sox player on them, like multi player rookie cards and category leaders.

To help me with this task, I'm using a number of resources to compile a list of every White Sox card in every set. A monumental task, I know, but so worth it. I'll finally have a resource to help me track down my lofty goal of one of every White Sox card in existence.

I recently got the last card for the 1968 Topps set in the mail. Ken Berry, #485. This is the oldest team set I have completed so far, which is a long time coming. One of the first older cards I bought in the early 90's was the 1968 Sandy Alomar from a coin shop in Chicago.

The 1968 set looks like it was from 1968. It really looks like couch material with a picture placed lovingly on top. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just looks dated. It's fugly looking, but I couldn't picture it looking any other way. I mean fugly in the most sincere way possible. It's design is simple and brilliant. Just not as simple as next year's cards would be, and brilliant only in a sixties conservative way.

There's something comforting in completing a card set that's 8 years older than you. A set that was brand new when my parents got married. It's like you're digging into history and taking a little something back with you. Whatever the feeling is, I'm just happy to get this set completed. Now it can take over from 1974 as my oldest completed White Sox set.

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