Monday, November 26, 2007

He Longs To Be Close To You

How close was Kenny Williams to landing Torii Hunter? A lot closer than you think. Check this story out. There was a lot of admiration between Torii and the White Sox it seems. A deal was set to sign and be announced when Los Angeles swooped in and snapped up Torii with an unbelievable offer.

With all the figures and perks that were extended to Torii, by each team, out in the open, it's scary to see just how close he was to signing with the White Sox. It's nice to know that Kenny Williams is very business-like in his pursuits and doesn't take anything personally with Torii's signing. Hopefully, Kenny is in hot pursuit of Plan 1B, as he likes to put it.

It's also nice to see the lengths to which the White Sox and its players will go to in improving the team. I hope this kind of presentation goes on to all the potential big signings.

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