Friday, November 16, 2007

Card Spotlight 11-16-07

Eddie Robinson's best years were with the White Sox. As of this posting, this is the oldest card I own. A 1952 Red Man in mint condition with the tab still in place.

Eddie's best season was in 1951. He hit .282 with 29 home runs and 117 RBI. All for the Chicago White Sox. Eddie also played for 7 of the original 8 teams in the American League. The only one he didn't play for was the Boston Red Sox, but he was a scout for them later on.

His career included stops with the Indians, the Senators, the White Sox, the Athletics (in Philadelphia and Kansas City), the Yankees, the Tigers and the Orioles. Too bad he didn't play for the Browns too, which were the Orioles before they moved from St. Louis. But that bit of information is a bit of an open secret in baseball. The Orioles rarely acknowledge that fact.

This card is great! It has beautiful, vibrant colors. It's over sized, square, and just a wonder to look at. Red Mans can still be picked up relatively cheap. I picked this one up in an auction on eBay for slightly over a dollar, if I'm remembering correctly. If I'm not, it wasn't much over that. In most cases, you can pick up the common players for less than a new pack of cards.

Eddie looks confident and focused, ready to smack one of those 29 home runs when he gets up to the plate. I saw this card and instantly fell in love with the design. They don't make cards like this one anymore and that's a shame.

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