Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sox Acquire Linebrink?

I've been hearing rumblings tonight that the White Sox have signed Scott Linebrink. It's about time that Kenny Williams addressed the bullpen issue. This could be wishful thinking on Bruce Levine's part. He's a reporter for the Chicago based ESPN radio station. Apparently, the signing is pending a physical next week. If this turns out to be true, this is a good sign for the Sox.

I expect one or two more trades and maybe two more free agent signings after this. Again, this is pure speculation. The way I see it, the Sox have too many third basemen, too many shortstops, too few outfielders and too few relief pitchers. So this potential signing makes sense.

Scott seems to be a perfect fit for a setup man for Bobby Jenks. The only thing that's making me leery about this is that there's no mention of it on or any of the official MLB sites. If this signing is the real thing, welcome to the South Side, Scott. You'll love it here and we need your pitching expertise desperately.

***UPDATE: It has been confirmed Linebrink has signed a four year, $19MM contract.***

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