Friday, November 23, 2007

RIP Joe Kennedy

White Sox Cards is not always about the White Sox, although it mostly is. From time to time, something will pop up that has nothing to do with the White Sox. Something important enough to make a comment on. While I always try to find the White Sox angle, some stories just don't have one. This is one of those postings.

By the time I pulled this Topps card of Joe Kennedy, the season was already over and Joe had already been released by the Diamondbacks and picked up by the Blue Jays. I have no clue if he was ever on Kenny Williams radar, but he was on mine. I know that's no consolation for the news that hit everyone this morning. It's nice to know that he was definitely noticed before today.

Joe had a decent career with the Devil Rays, the Rockies, the Athletics, the Diamondbacks and the Blue Jays. He was only 28 and certainly far from being washed up. As of this moment, there is no news of what happened, only that Joe is no longer with us.

Joe Kennedy left a wife and a child. We may never know the reasons why, but he was not forgotten. Left handers certainly knew who Joe was. At the time of Arizona's claim of Joe off of waivers, he was holding left handers to a .203 average. Not too shabby.

My thoughts go out to Joe's family and friends in this uncertain time. Please know that he mattered and he was not forgotten.

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Tragik007 said...

I worked 5 years in the Death Industry ( I can tell you 28 year olds don't usually just drop dead. I have a feeling something bad will come out in his autopsy report.


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