Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh Wimpy, Where Art Thou?

Back from Atlanta. I know, start a blog and go on vacation the next day. Way to start things. Which is why I did a few posts on Friday.

We spent the day at Stone Mountain on Saturday. It was beautiful, but my feet are sore. I didn't stumble upon any card shops around the Atlanta area, but that didn't prevent me from thinking about White Sox baseball.

First of all I was keeping an eye out for Tom Paciorek when I was in Stone Mountain. Never saw him, but I heard he lives around there. At least the last time I ever heard anything about it. Don't worry "Duke", I'm not a stalker, just a fan. No offense to Fiesty (who's coming along in his own right), but I just prefer Wimpy with Hawk. Just like I prefer John Rooney over Chris Singleton on the radio. Again, no offense, it's just my preference. Is it just me, or do Chris & DJ sound a lot alike? Sometimes when I'm listening to Chris call a game on 670 the Score, I feel like DJ snuck in to do a little radio to get away from Hawk for awhile.

I found out that my future sister-in-law met Chipper Jones through her work. Apparently, the company she works for is involved with Chipper's golf tournament. She met him and got an autographed ball. I hate to admit it, but I'm a little jealous. Since Chipper was a topic of conversation, I couldn't help but think about another Jones. I'm starting to feel that Andruw Jones might not be a bad pick up for Kenny Williams. It's amazing how Braves players come to mind more easily in Atlanta, even though the only thing I really heard about was college football on the news. I guess the Chipper Jones story helped a tiny bit in planting that seed in my head.

As I moved around the city, I had to use public transportation called MARTA. Being the White Sox fan I am, I couldn't get Damaso Marte out of my head. Just thinking about his playoff performance was getting me depressed. But not for too long. There were too many cool things to see. The Aquarium, MLK Museum, CNN, Centennial Park, and Vortex, among other things.

I'm glad to be home finally. I'm sick of Coca-Cola. I prefer Pepsi products, but any soft drink will do in a pinch. Just try and ask for a Pepsi in Atlanta. They'll take you out back and shoot you like a lame horse. Probably not, but they'd give you a funny look. Suffice to say, I skipped the Coke museum this trip. I'll probably hit it next time I'm down that way though. I can't get enough of nostalgia like that. Even if it's not Pepsi.

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