Monday, November 19, 2007

Dummy Hoy

The first batter in 1901 for the White Sox was Dummy Hoy. This was the first year for the American League. Dummy, who's real name was William, was deaf and mute. He was the first deaf major leaguer. There was at least one other that came after him (Luther Haden "Dummy" Taylor), but William was the first.

Items like this pop up all the time while I'm researching the history of the White Sox. I was trying to find out who had the first hit for the White Sox in 1901 when I found this. I'm still not sure who did get that first hit. I couldn't find any box scores from the game. All I know is that the White Stockings defeated the Cleveland Blues 8-2 on April 24, 1901. I'm guessing it wasn't a no-hitter by Cleveland or else I'd find a box score for this game. Somewhere in those 8 runs was the first official Chicago White Sox American League hit.

Dummy's first major league team was the Washington Senators in 1888. He stole an astounding 82 bases for the Senators, which was a record for the 1888 season. He came to the White Stockings in 1900. It was the team's first year in Chicago, when they were still in the Western League. The Western League was considered a minor league. In 1901, Dummy hit .294 in 132 games playing center field. The White Stockings took the first American League pennant in 1901, but there was no World Series yet.

Dummy had 155 hits that second season in Chicago. Was one of them the first White Sox American League hit? I may never know. I hope to someday though. I do know that he hit the second grand slam in American League history on May 1, 1901. The first one was also hit on May 1st by his teammate Herm McFarland earlier in the same game.

Unfortunately, there are no cards of Dummy Hoy as a member of the White Stockings. There are a handful of him on the Senators. The one I chose to show was an Old Judge card from the 19th century. I would love to own a White Stocking card of Dummy Hoy! Maybe a company like Upper Deck can include him in next year's Legendary Cuts? Just a thought.

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