Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2007 Goudey

I love this set! I'm very impressed with it. The designs are awesome, but they had an excellent, iconic set to base this off of. The backgrounds are unique and deco. This is what cards should strive to be like. My only issue with it is the sizing. I'm not a huge fan of cards smaller than the standard size.

I've watched other sites rave about this release. Well, all those sites are right. This is an outstanding release. The colors are vibrant and really pop out at you. The player selection is pretty decent. There is only one parallel issue with this set. The backs come in the standard green and a parallel red lettering.

The White Sox have 6 players for a total of 12 cards, including the parallels. I was surprised and delighted to see Darin Erstad in this release. This was the first Sox card I pulled and the Upper Deck website noted that he was in an Angels uniform. The same thing happened with Frank Thomas and the Masterpieces release. They had Frank listed in a Blue Jays uniform.

I did try to get the error fixed and Upper Deck gave me the runaround. They thought I had issue with the picture posted on the site and explained to me that those were early prints and teams may have changed. After about six e-mails, I finally got it straightened out. I literally had to copy and paste what I was talking about, then show an example of what I wanted corrected before the rep understood what I was saying. It had nothing to do with the card, only the description on the website. Anyway, those six base cards are:
  • 31 - Darin Erstad
  • 60 - Jim Thome
  • 150 Joe Crede
  • 156 - Scott Podsednik
  • 173 - Paul Konerko
  • 190 - Jermaine Dye

It's a little shocking to realize that two of these six players have been released as of this posting. A third will most likely be traded before the end of Spring Training. Such is baseball. Even that can't detract me from how beautiful these cards look.

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dayf said...

This set is brilliant. I love that they used the original Diamond Stars and '38 Goudey designs.

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