Thursday, November 29, 2007

Would You Like To Take A Survey?

A post that has nothing to do with baseball cards? Well, in my defence, I've done a few on here before. But this does pertain to the White Sox and a few of my favorite shows growing up.

"Would you like to take a survey? Do you like beans, do you like George Wendt?...Would you like to see a movie starring George Wendt eating beans?"

Every time I see George Wendt on television, I can't get that line out of my head. It doesn't matter if I see him on Cheers, or SNL, or the movie House, where I don't recall him ever eating beans. I could maybe see him eating beans on SNL or Cheers. George was born in Chicago. He is a Second City alum. He is a White Sox fan.

Celebrity White Sox fans are out there. They remain hidden, but only because they aren't as loudmouthed as Cubs fans. I'm not saying this against all or most Cubs fans, just the select few who claim to speak for the rest of you. White Sox celebrity fans tend to be vocal about their allegiance only when prompted. The rest of the time, they are courteous to fans of other teams, for the most part.

The Sox are known more for their few unruly fans. The Cubs get no break in this either. When other team's fans want to jump on the Sox bandwagon, the Sox are usually skeptical. I would say the most vocal celebrity Sox fan would be Mayor Daley. There may be others that are more vocal out in California when the Sox come to play out there, but Daley is day in day out all about the White Sox.

As with any team, there are tons of great fans, but the bad ones tend to get more press. George Wendt is a great fan. He's not vocal about it every chance he gets, but when you ask nicely, I'm sure he'll tell you all about it.

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