Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Pitcher, My Kingdom For An Effective Relief Pitcher!

I can't wait for signings and trades to start flying! Essentially, Bobby Jenks is the only relief pitcher that has a safe job. The Sox can probably get by with the defensive holes and/or batting slumps that the position players brought in 2007. They need a top notch middle relief! I can't begin to remember all the games the bullpen lost trying to get from the starter to Jenks. Too many for my comfort level. I don't expect perfection all the time, but c'mon, 2007 was ridiculous!

The way I figure it they have a few options. I'm not holding out any hope for Scott Linebrink. He's going to be costly and I don't think he's going to be worth the eventual cost. I'm sure I'm missing a few players, but the White Sox tend to go after certain players more often than others. Usually mid 20's to mid 30's. Some projects that failed in other team's systems. Coming off down years or "under the radar" players. Players that tend not to rock the boat and do their job without drama. Players that come as a bargain, so the Sox can make a big splash through a signing or a trade. It's definitely a bonus if a player has no connections to Scott Boras.

These potential free agents seem to fit the mold of what the White Sox might be looking for this winter.
  • Francisco Cordero - Brewers - RHRP age 32 (Milwaukee is supposed to make a push to retain him, but he may opt to see what else is out there)
  • Joselo Diaz - Japan - RHRP age 27 (an ex-Royal, signable for under $350,000)
  • Octavio Dotel - Braves - RHRP age 33 (ex-Royal, always seems to be rumored to be part of package deals to the Sox when he was in KC)
  • Hitoki Iwase - Japan - LHRP age 32 (the White Sox are one of many teams supposedly in the running)
  • Joe Kennedy - Blue Jays - LHRP age 28 (left-hander who has bounced around the last couple of years)
  • Dan Kolb - Nationals - RHRP age 32 (ex-Boras client and Illinois native)
  • Jay Witasick - Devil Rays - RHRP age 29 (could be available if Rays use the buyout option for 2008)

I have a good feeling about next year. I hope that feeling will be proven right. The bullpen can't implode two years in a row, can it?

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