Friday, July 18, 2008

July 11 - 13, 2008: White Sox @ Rangers

July 11 - 13, 2008 - Arlington, Texas

July 11: White Sox 2 - Rangers 7
July 12: White Sox 9 - Rangers 7
July 13: White Sox 11 - Rangers 12


There comes a point, each season, where a club starts to run down. They get sluggish and sloppy. Sometimes it lasts for a few games, sometimes a little over a week. Sometimes, it's the turning point of the season. Sometimes you can't rebound from it. The White Sox are playing like this. Let's hope it's for a short time and not the start of something worse.

The good:
D.J. Carrasco's Sox debut in game one.

John Danks showed up his former club in game two.

The bad:
Boone Logan made things a bit hairy in game two by giving up two earned runs.

The third game was still winnable until Boone Logan stepped in.

The ugly:
Gavin Floyd's pitching in game one.

Jose Contreras had another stupendously bad outing in game three.

You know this was a bad series when Ozzie tells the media that both teams should be embarrassed by the last game. Then no one really disagrees with him. Thankfully, the Sox will have four days off to recharge their batteries, with the exception of Joe Crede and Carlos Quentin. This team needs a recharge.

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