Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Card #27

Last year, I bought two packs of Elements and decided not to waste my money anymore. I thought the cards were cool, but I didn't like paying about three bucks a card, for four cards that were big, fat nothings. None of the subjects that I received in my two packs wowed me enough to purchase more.

I always intended to go back and purchase a box, after the price drastically dipped, but I found myself in a money crunch and never did. By 2008, when the new cards were out, I had forgotten all about 2007 Elements.

That is until about two weeks ago. I found a seller on eBay with really cheap cards. I guess the eBay Gestapo hadn't caught up to this seller yet. The seller had a few scattered 2007 White Sox cards for 30 cents a piece.

Let's see if all the ingredients add up to a perfect recipe. Cheap White Sox cards... check. Cards I need... check. Getting one last defying moment against eBay... CHECK! The seller does combined shipping... we have the ingredients for a multiple card order!

I picked up the clear acetate Elements card of Jermaine Dye, pictured above, and a few other cards. I received my order over the weekend and I was happy. It never before struck me just how beautiful these cards are. I can't stop looking at this Dye acetate card. It is truly a work of art.

It's too bad that Upper Deck overpriced them last year. Hits are nice, but I just want a nice looking base set. I don't want to pay for hits that I have a slim to none chance at getting in my pack. I'm glad that there are places where I can still buy cheap random singles. If I had to get everything first hand, from a pack, I'd probably run naked down Michigan Avenue at Christmas.

Luckily, I don't have to do that. I really don't think that many people want to see that during the holidays. Well, anytime for that matter. That's how frustrated I felt when eBay first announced their new "nothing under a dollar" policy for store items. I'm just lucky to find ways around that, every now and then. It keeps me sane. That's probably a good thing. It's cold in Chicago at Christmas.

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