Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Random Card #26

I tried collecting these cards when I was a kid. They all ended up in the garbage can after being demolished by the elements. They were too big for a normal 9 pocket page and I didn't have the resources back then to obtain the proper pages to store these. I do now, so I think I'll give them a shot.

I've received two different Topps Big Ozzie Guillen cards in the past few weeks. I received this one, the 1989 card, from Beginner's Wax. Today, I received the 1988 card in a package from Ben Henry. I have yet to fully dissect that package, but plan on doing just that very shortly.

Since there were two weekend series pitting the White Sox against the Cubs recently, I've heard more "Ozzie is a jerk" stories than I can shake a stick at. All of them from misinformed Cubs fans. I had a friend of my future mother-in-law's yell at me about Ozzie Guillen. I had never met the woman, but when she found out I was a Sox fan, all hell broke loose. I said nothing and smiled politely. I'm not about to start a yelling match over something so stupid with someone I never met before. I took the high road.

What were her complaints? He doesn't care about his players. Well, I'd like to disagree with that assessment. I can't remember a manager for the Sox that was more involved with his players. He makes sure that they are on the right track. He jokes with them, but there is an understanding that the work needs to be done. If you weren't doing your job, what would your boss say to you? It works the same in the baseball world.

She also said that he is abusive to his players and drags everything out in the media. In reality, Ozzie rarely drags anything out into the media. It's just the world we live in today. The media usually drags it out first and Ozzie has to deal with it. As for his comments, Ozzie doesn't sugarcoat anything. He will be honest with you, if you ask him a serious question. That type of honesty frightens some people. Ozzie also has a nasty habit of thinking out loud. This is usually what gets him in trouble.

Does this mean that Ozzie is an innocent victim? Hardly. He is his own worst enemy sometimes. But that is what you get with Ozzie. He has been the same outspoken man since he was the AL Rookie of the Year in 1985. Why mess with success?

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Scott said...

Ok, that does it :) I'll have the Ozzie story for you ASAP.

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