Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mailbox Joys: A Shiny Card Lot

Last weekend, I won a lot of mostly 2008 Topps Chrome White Sox cards on eBay. There was a 2007 Topps Chrome Jermaine Dye thrown in for good measure. Normally, I would go after a team set for something that only consists of 6 cards. But there was one thing, besides the ridiculously low price and decent shipping costs, that made me jump on it. The Mark Buehrle XFractor.

Like Mario, I too am sometimes mesmerized by shiny blocky things. I tend to stick with White Sox related shiny blocky things. Although, all XFractors are way cool! Way cool? I think I've been spending too much time in my Jon Garland collection.

These Topps Chrome cards are hard to resist. Last year's set was a little blah, but the white borders really work with this set.

Let's see what came in the eBay package.

2007 Topps Chrome #221 - Jermaine Dye
2008 Topps Chrome #14 - Orlando Cabrera
2008 Topps Chrome #64 - Mark Buehrle
2008 Topps Chrome #109 - Nick Swisher
2008 Topps Chrome XFractor #64 - Mark Buehrle

Not a bad little lot! If I had a little more income coming in, I would probably stock up on boxes of this release. I'll settle for the occasional pack. Color me impressed with the cards though. This is definitely one eBay purchase that is not full of regrets.

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