Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yankee Stadium Cards: A Fool's Paradise

I admit it. I do foolish things as a collector. To begin with, I gather collections of things I am interested in with parameters that only I care about. I suppose we all do that to one degree or another. That would be close to the definition of a collector.

I decided a few months ago, on a whim, to start collecting the Yankee Stadium cards. Not all of them, but only the ones against the White Sox. I know, that's a foolish endeavor. I welcome the challenge. There's just one thing I'm really lacking... a checklist.

I can find extensive checklists of this massive set. They cover decade, player, and almost any other way you can think of except one. I cannot find a checklist by team opponent. Does anyone know where I can find such a list? I'd like to start to really collect the cards against the White Sox, but I really have no idea where to begin compiling the list of the particular cards in the set.

I could track down the games, season by season, through box scores and other various methods. This seems like a big waste of time and could lead to inaccuracies if I were to miscalculate. All I really want to do is collect and Upper Deck seems to take pride in preventing me from my goal by presenting an incomplete checklist on their site.

Anyone who knows where this information is... please HELP!


Jason T. Carter said...

You can go back to 1956 on, just looking at the year-by-year line scores. There may be a way to sort it so that it only shows games vs. NYY, but I'm not sure. You might ask the 88 Topps blog guy.

Steve Gierman said...

I've been trying to figure it out by using Baseball Almanac's season pages, but that's where I run into a snag. It seems that things like All-Star games, college football games and other non MLB games also count in the checklist. I can count the MLB games to my hearts content and never get an accurate checklist of the White Sox games.

Jason T. Carter said...

I think I figured it out...

All games White Sox vs. Yankees 1901-2008

If you want to adjust the seasons, just click here and change them, making sure you select the Sox and Yanks.

I love

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