Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ozuna DFA

Ozzie Guillen likes the way DeWayne Wise plays and has stopped short of saying that he will stay with the team for the time being. Juan Uribe is being shopped around, but no one wants to take him on, just yet. With Paul Konerko coming off the DL and completing his minor league rehab assignment, someone has to go.

The odd man out would be super-sub, Pablo Ozuna. Third base is taken up by Joe Crede, shortstop is home to Orlando Cabrera and second base belongs squarely to Alexei Ramirez. Juan Uribe is now the main backup for all three positions. That leaves Pablo Ozuna in an expendable position. So, the Sox designated Pablo for assignment.

Maybe Pablo will fall back to AAA, if no one stakes a claim. If not, he may get a chance to play more regularly with another team. If this is the end for Ozuna, then I have to say it has been a pleasure watching him play for the White Sox. They could use him and abuse him and Pablo would come out smelling like a rose. Need someone to pinch run in the ninth? Put in Pablo. The shortstop tweaked his hamstring? Ozuna will take over. Crede's back is stiff? Pablo will take over.

Pablo was versatile enough to sit on the bench for days and enter the game strong. He could spot start or move around for ultimate flexibility. You will be missed on the Sox roster. I hope everything works out.

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capewood said...

What a coincidence. I'm finally getting around to putting away my 2007 reference cards. These are cards I choose as representative of a set (usually the best cards in the set). One of my criteria for a reference card is that it be serial numbered. The 2007 Topps gold cards were serial numbered so in the reference book they go. I have 4 of these and one is Ozuna. So I was handling this very card tonight. I didn't know him as a player. He must have something going for him to have had a 7-year career and average only 39 games a year.

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