Friday, July 11, 2008

See The Animals, Get Autographs

There are unconfirmed reports that Bill Melton might be signing autographs at Brookfield Zoo on July 12, 2008. If you've got nothing to do on Saturday, stop by the zoo and see the animals and meet Beltin' Bill Melton. If Bill doesn't show up, there's still plenty to do and plenty to see.

But this is just a warm up for the main event. On August 7, 2008, current White Sox players will be at Brookfield Zoo signing autographs from 11 AM until 12:30 PM. The Sox have been doing this promotion with Brookfield for a few years, that I'm aware of. The whole team doesn't come out, usually, but there are stars and commons from the team willing to shorten their career to keep autographing things for you. Ozzie usually comes along for the ride, so there shouldn't be a dull moment.

It's nice to have a heads up on these sort of things. It makes planning a day that much easier. Thanks to Bad Wax for the heads up on Bill Melton's unconfirmed appearance. I won't be going, as I already have a previous engagement, but some lucky Sox fans might get to see a former White Sox slugger and current White Sox post game analyst.


tastelikedirt said...

Nice to see the Oakland Coliseum, pre Mt. Davis, in the background of Meltons' card. How did you like the Camo unis' the Sox were sporting for 4th of July?

Steve Gierman said...

They remind me of San Diego too much. I thought they were OK, but I'm glad that the camo unis were only one day.

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