Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Newest White Sox Fan

At least it's the newest Sox fan that I know of. I'm sure there's some "newer" baby that has already converted to the Silver and Black, but I don't know about it.

One of my friends finally had her first child, a beautiful healthy girl, in June 2008. Since that blessed event, I've been getting sporadic updates and pictures. In the latest round of pictures, I received this photo of the baby in a White Sox cap. That definitely made me smile!

I won't reveal names, since anyone can run across this site. Little Sox Girl is entitled to her privacy. And yes, I did get permission to post this picture. Her face is just so full of wonder and amazement, it's a thing of beauty.

I know this post isn't about the White Sox or cards, but it is about hope for the future of the White Sox. Without the fans, where would the Sox be? Probably in Montreal. We all know that really isn't a suitable environment for baseball.

In Chicago, you are either born a Cubs fan or a White Sox fan. I think we know the outcome of this one. Hopefully, the White Sox will win a few more championships in Little Sox Girl's lifetime.

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