Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Card #28

Apparently, I've been flagged as a spamming blog. This means that I have to enter a word verification before each post. I didn't even know that blogs could be used for spamming. I guess this will be taken care of before too long. I have been assured that when blogger.com actually takes the time to read the blog, they will see it is written by an actual human being.

I ran across an article that reminded me of this card. Pimp Daddy Destro for some reason reminds me of Rudy Law. I'm not exactly sure why, but it does. I can see Rudy Law wearing leopard print pants and matching collar. Maybe it's just the way he looks on this 1984 Fleer card.

Rudy looks like he's about to kick some serious butt. Maybe he's not getting paid enough. Whatever the reason, he doesn't look happy about being short-changed. He will bust you upside the head with his baseball bat, if he doesn't get his money.

Well, at least Rudy Law (or Destro, for that matter) never looked like this.

But nothing beats this.

Pimpin' is hard. No matter if your a baseball player, a weapons manufacturer, an unemployed eccentric or Fly Guy.

1 comment:

dayf said...

Awesome! I almost blacked out laughing during the stunt double scene the first time I watched I'm Gonna Get You Sucka.

"Ain't no one gonna lay a finger on my baby!"

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