Friday, November 30, 2007

2007 Moments And Milestones

After being out of baseball cards, except for the few White Sox team sets the past few years, I dove head first into collecting again. I thought I could save a little money on White Sox cards, by opening them myself and selling off the rest for fun, profit and more White Sox cards. For the most part, that plan has come to fruition.

One of the first "over $100" hobby boxes I purchased was the 2007 Moments and Milestones. I was blown away by the sales pitch that Tony, one of my local cars shop guys, gave me. At that point, I had no clue if there were any White Sox cards in the set. The premise was intriguing though, so I plunked down my hard earned cash for that and a few random packs.

I was very happy to get a Paul Konerko in one of the packs. I was happy to see that he wasn't in a Reds or Dodgers uniform. As I found out quickly, this set relives past accomplishments. Any player could theoretically pop up on any team for any reason. I decided my way of collecting should be one card of each hit for Paul Konerko (in regular and black), one card of each Frank Thomas (regular and black) and one each of Josh Fields (regular and black). I wasn't about to collect one of each hit for Frank Thomas, but Paul Konerko's six hits seemed manageable.

Before we get any further lets have a White Sox checklist for this set. There are regular cards numbered to 150, black parallels numbered to 29 and red parallels numbered to 1.
  • 106 - Frank Thomas (38)

  • 107 - Frank Thomas (101)

  • 123 - Paul Konerko (6)

  • 182 - Josh Fields

  • 183 - Josh Fields

  • 184 - Josh Fields

I knew there was no way I'd be able to collect the red parallels, which are numbered to one. Especially with Paul Konerko's number being six. So, I stuck to collecting the regulars and the blacks. I've got most of Konerko's cards and I've got all the Frank Thomas cards I wanted. Josh Fields has been an enigma. I've only got one of his cards.

I like the basic design and the premise of the set. It's very interesting to come up with the different combinations in which this set can be collected. I'm satisfied with my method. I think it's a great idea, but it runs to much like the mirror cards that I'm not fond of. This set is almost like a mirror card on steroids. I suppose the mirror cards would hold a greater interest if they ever featured a player that I collected, but those cards never feature any White Sox players that I've noticed.

I've heard that Topps is bringing back this set for next year. I guess I'll have to see how it fares next year. Maybe lightning will strike twice, but for now I'm a bit skeptical. Hopefully, I'll be pleasantly surprised. I like this set, but I don't know if I'll like it two years in a row.


Tragik007 said...

I swear that I studied their 2007 ad from Beckett for like 10 minutes and don't understand what the hell it is about.

Are you telling me that for example....there are 56 Arod cards for every home run he hit, etc?

Steve Gierman said...

Say the feat celebrated is Arod hitting 56 home runs. Each of the 56 cards is numbered to 150 (so there's 8,400 separate cards), then there's a black parallel that is numbered to 29 for each card of the 56 cards (so there's 1,624 separate cards), and a red parallel that is numbered to 1 for each of the 56 cards (so there's 56 separate cards).

It confused the hell out of me too, until I bought a box and saw fo myself.

Tragik007 said...

That is horrible. It's like those awful A-Rod Road to 500 cards in a lot of the 2007 products.

Yuk. I guess if you collect a certain player but still....why so many?

Steve Gierman said...

Well, the nice thing is, that there are only a print run of so many cards. Unlike the Road To 500 BS, these are limited. I agree that it's still overkill, but it's a better idea than those millions of cards printed as mirrors, if only marginally better.

At least this release gives you some choices in how you can collect it.

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