Thursday, November 15, 2007

To Jail Or Not To Jail?

That is the question. I'm so glad none of those trade rumors from the late 80's and early 90's came true. I'm also glad that it was Bonilla that was with the White Sox and not Mr. Asterisk.

Boy, doesn't he look thin?! Everybody shows his 1987 Topps card because it shows the full, thin body shot. Not me, I like to be slightly different.

I won't even comment. Too much has been said about this subject already.

Two non White Sox cards in a row. This one doesn't even have a history with the Sox. And I couldn't be prouder.

Next post a White Sox card. No Sox of a different color. No thin boys turning into monstrous pharmacy-laced men. Just pure White Sox baseball.


Tragik007 said...

As much as I hate Barry, it is a white-collar crime so I don't see him getting more than 3 years.

I don't wish that fate on anyone. I just hope he gets his records officially removed.

Wishful thinking, probably...

-Wax Heaven

Steve Gierman said...

Ultimately, I could care less what Bonds does to himself. His actions tarnish a game that I love. I would love for his records to be banished, just as much as I would love Joe Jackson to be reinstated.

Neither will probably happen anytime soon, but lack of public recognition would be a start.

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