Friday, December 26, 2008

Card Spotlight: 12-26-08

1985 White Sox Coke #72 - Carlton Fisk

What would a card spotlight feature that falls on Carlton Fisk's birthday be without a Carlton Fisk card? Pretty pathetic, that what!

I share with you the 1985 version of the White Sox Coke cards that were given away at Comiskey Park. I miss these cards. As a kid, I would pick some up almost every time I went to the park. At least it seemed that way at the time.

This design especially sticks out in my mind. I thought it was so cool that the cards included historical White Sox players. Most were paired by position, but not all. Carlton was paired with Ray Schalk, another catcher who had a huge following in Chicago.

Foreshadowing Fisk's own enshrinement in Cooperstown, he seemed to get the nodding approval of Hall of Famer Ray Schalk on this card. I would spend hours looking at these cards as a kid. I tried to find out about every player in the little circle.

Happy birthday, Carlton! As a treat to all the Fisk fans out there, they can see a card that is not widely shown.

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