Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mailbox Joys: Six '66s And A '72

I've found myself in a very enviable position lately. I have a little bit extra in the PayPal account and I've found some nice deals on older cards.

Tuesday, I received a package of seven cards from a dealer on eBay. Six cards from 1966 and one card from 1972. Until I did a recent survey of sixties cards, I thought I had more from 1966. As it turned out, I only had two. I kept getting the same White Sox rookies card and the ChiSox Clubbers card.

I had no actual card of just one player. Both were multiple player cards. While nice, they didn't offer the full experience of the 1966 set. Now I can jump start some life into the 1966 set with some nice players that are commons.

1966 Topps
8 - Floyd Robinson
47 - J.C. Martin
66 - Al Weis
141 - Tom McCraw
245 - John Buzhardt
281 - Bruce Howard

I looked through the seller's other cards and he had one that caught my eye at the right price.

1972 Topps
381 - White Sox Team

1972 Topps cards seem to be a hard pickup for me. I do have more than I thought I had, but I always seem to get screwed out of 1972 White Sox cards. I really have no answer as to why. So, when I saw this card for slightly over a dollar, I jumped on it!

I'll never own Al Weis' 1963 Topps rookie card, so other cards of him are always welcome. Still, I keep a spot open for that 1963 card... just in case.

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