Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mailbox Joys: A Second 1954 Bowman

1954 Bowman #86 - Harry Dorish

These vintage cards must come all at once. Maybe I'm getting such good deals right now because there are too many cards on eBay. Really, who wins a 1954 Bowman baseball card in excellent or better condition for $1.99? That's insane!

That's what happened. I got a better deal than the Nellie Fox '54 Bowman that I picked up a few months ago. Although, if you want to go book value, the better overall deal was on the Fox.

Sure, Dorish was a relief pitcher, with a 10-6 record, in 1953. It's a 1954 Bowman. I'm positive that my vintage streak will end soon. That's OK though. Each vintage card that I track down gets me closer to my ultimate goal of every White Sox card. It will never happen with the way cards are made today, but I'd like to get as close as possible.

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