Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cincy Rises Again: A Trade Of Ten Cards

Talk about a blast from the past! I just received a package from Joe of Cincy Reds Cards. Fire, 16 hour school days, and weekend truck driving can't keep a good blogger down!

It's great to see some activity from Joe. He has the first blog that I encountered about the Cincinnati Reds. Lots of pictures. Lots of information. Lots of Reds love.

I had been hinted that a package was heading my way. That was awhile ago. I can certainly appreciate a busy schedule. I was sporadic in my posts, when I had that warehouse job from May to July. I was gone nearly 16 hours at a stretch and living at two houses.

I can't even begin to imagine the schedule that Joe keeps!

Anyway, Joe found a little spare time recently. Instead of taking a well deserved rest, he chose to mail me a package. While I think that you should rest every opportunity that you get with that schedule, I certainly am not complaining about this package.

Let's see what treasures were unearthed by Joe.

1986 Fleer
White Sox Pennant and Circle Logo Sticker

2001 Topps Golden Anniversary
GA-47 - Frank Thomas

2004 Bazooka
39 - Juan Uribe
229 - Mark Buehrle

2004 Bazooka Comics
BC12 - Esteban Loaiza

2004 Bazooka Minis
36 - Esteban Loaiza
229 - Mark Buehrle

2004 Bazooka 4 on 1 Stickers
17 - Javier Vazquez/Esteban Loaiza/Orlando Cabrera/Roberto Alomar
20 - Magglio Ordonez/Corey Patterson/Aaron Boone/Jeff Bagwell

2008 Topps Chrome Red Refractors
79 - Paul Konerko 03/25

Wow! That tiny package packs quite a punch!

You may be wondering why I chose the Bazooka 4 on 1 sticker for the image, instead of the Konerko refractor or the Thomas golden anniversary or even Juan Uribe. I find this card fascinating. It features four players that would wear a White Sox uniform after this card was produced. Even though the card is only four years old, all four players are no longer with the White Sox.

Javier Vazquez just left recently to go to the Braves. Esteban Loaiza was back on the Sox briefly in 2008. Orlando Cabrera just turned down arbitration and is a free agent that is not coming back to the South Side. Roberto Alomar was caught in between stints with the White Sox.

Thanks, Joe! I will return the favor shortly. I need to build up my Reds collection again. Something will be on its way to you in the new year.

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Bay Rat North West said...

I just saw your trade list. I thought you might need the 04 Bazooka. When I get the boxes in of the 05 I will set aside the Sox for you.
Glad you like the cards. And now that I have the world wide interweb in my place I can post more frequently.

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