Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cards On Cards Minor League Treats

At some point in the recent past, Cards On Cards decided to streamline the collection. That sounds very familiar. I think there's been an epidemic of that going on lately.

This time the culprit was minor league cards. They were given away by team, mostly. Of course, I chimed in for the White Sox. With my request accepted, I waited for the package to arrive.

It arrived when I needed it most... while I was away from the house for an extended amount of days. There is a bonus to that though. I received no cards for Christmas this year, so I had lots to open up when I arrived home after Christmas!

That was the case with this package from Cards On Cards.

Will my wildest dreams come true? Will there be a bunch of high talent Major League players in there? The biggest cat is out of the bag with the picture of Frank, or is it? Let's see what else was in there!

1989 Star
58 - Paul Fuller (2)
60 - Ron Stephens

1990 CMC
2 - Adam Peterson
4 - Ravelo Manzanillo
11 - Steve Rosenberg (2)
20 - Todd Trafton
26 - Moe Drabowsky

1990 ProCards
1105 - Todd Hall
1106 - Roberto Hernandez
1116 - Frank Thomas
1120 - Aubrey Waggoner

1990 Star
60 - Rob Resnikoff

1991 Classic Best
114 - Kevin Tolar (2)
146 - Nilson Robledo
157 - Brandon Wilson
234 - Javier Ocasio

1991 Line Drive
54 - Mark Chasey (2)
64 - Scott Jaster
65 - Bo Kennedy
74 - Tony Franklin
75 - Coaches
639 - Jerry Kutzler

1991 Oklahoma State Collegiate Collection
4 - Robin Ventura

1991 ProCards
171 - Rich Amaral

1992 Classic Best
377 - Doug Brady

1992 ProCards
46 - Rogelio Nunez

I recognize quite a few names in there. There are a few pitchers on their way down and a few players on their way up. The Frank Thomas is a wonderful addition. I did not have that card. The coup of the package may be the Ventura card! I've never seen that one before.

Thanks, Kerry! These are very much appreciated! Minor league cards are always interesting to me. You can see players who fit into every type of category imaginable. The should have beens, the can't miss prospect, the who???!!!, the that's what happened to him, and many others. It's always nice to take a stroll down memory lane.


Paul Hadsall said...

So where's the scan of the Ventura card? :)

You can't build it up like that and not share. ;)

Steve Gierman said...

All good things come to those who wait. That is scheduled to be the next card spotlight. :)

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