Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Network Failure Frustration Blues

I just got back online shortly after 11 AM central time today. For the past 40-odd hours, there has been a network failure involving my ISP provider, Covad. The problem wasn't on my end. The problem wasn't at the technical suppoter's end. It was somewhere in the middle.

Something at the main hub was out of whack. For 24 hours, I kept hearing that the problem would be fixed in three to four hours. Then, by some miracle, last night I heard a recording saying my area would be fixed in an hour.

Joy of joys! It didn't turn out to be true of course, which just added to my frustration.

This morning, I listened to the message. It no longer said that Chicago, New York City and the Pennsylvania region were problem areas. It now spouted out new names, like Maryland and Washington DC.

You would think that I could get my card sorting done. Think again. All of my master lists were online. DOH! I couldn't update the want list and I couldn't see what card went where, because of non-sequential numbers. I was able to put Fleer cards away though. Thanks for being sequentially numbered, Fleer!

Everything should be back to normal soon on the blogs. It happens, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating. Especially when you realize that you are powerless to speed things along.

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