Monday, December 1, 2008

Free Cards Question #14

Congrats to PAB for knowing that Jack McDowell was drafted in 1987!

Sammy Sosa was brought over to the White Sox in the first Harold Baines trade. He left years later after a lot of promised talent never showed itself. Years after Sammy left the White Sox, he discovered that he had something of a home run swing and became a one dimensional player.

Sammy had a talent for stealing bases and striking out... a lot, when he was with the White Sox. He was shipped out for the overrated George Bell. George was fast on the decline and was out of baseball shortly after joining the Sox.

Sammy lost a lot of his base stealing abilities, but the strikeouts were always there.

Question #14

What year did the trade happen that brought George Bell to the White Sox?

Good luck!


Bo said...


Steve Gierman said...

Correct!! Nice job, Bo!

Bo said...

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