Friday, December 5, 2008

Super Cards From The Easy Life

Another package arrived from Stephen of The Easy Life.

The package must have gone through the x-ray machines a few too many times. These cards are SUPER-SIZED!!!!

As you can see by the picture, Harold looks awfully curious to find out why he is three times the normal size.

Strange occurrences abound inside the package. There are four different sizes to the cards! The only card not effected by the radiation was Darin Erstad. The radiation found Darin to be too mopey. He would not know what to do with his new found size, so he gets a small batter made out of wood placed beside him on the card.

I will attempt to appease the cards by listing them largest to smallest. I figure that if I get the largest ones out the way first, they won't smother me in my sleep.

The largest!

1984 Topps Super
3 - LaMarr Hoyt
11 - Ron Kittle
15 - Carlton Fisk

1985 Donruss Super DKs
3 - Richard Dotson

1985 Topps Super
51 - Harold Baines

You don't realize how much Ron Kittle was the inspiration for Napolean Dynamite until you see the portrait picture of him blown up to monstrous proportions.

The frickin huge!
1998 Topps Super Chrome
5 - Frank Thomas

Big Frank high fiving in a super size shot filled with chromey goodness.

The not so wee!
1985 Donruss Action All-Stars
13 - Ron Kittle
58 - Harold Baines

1986 Donruss All-Stars
17 - Carlton Fisk
49 - Harold Baines

I stand corrected on the Kittle profile picture. The '85 Donruss is worse.

The wee standard!
2007 Bowman Heritage Pieces Of Greatness
PG-DE - Darin Erstad

There is nothing great about Darin's time with the White Sox. To claim otherwise is a falsehood of monstrous size.

Thanks, Stephen! That was super! Thanks for sending! All this talk of SUPER made me think of this. Enjoy one of my favorite songs from South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut set to clips from The Dark Knight. It actually fits in a strange way.

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