Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Free Cards Question #17

Congrats to dayf for knowing that the White Sox won their division by twenty games in 1983!

Here's someone who knows a lot about winning. Michael Jordan. He just didn't win very much with the White Sox organization. He did lead in something positive though.

He led the Birmingham Barons in steals the year that he played for them. He also gave Chicagoans a thrill when he got two hits in the annual Windy City Classic that he played in.

Mostly though, the baseball experiment was a failure. I've heard rumors that he did it because he was caught gambling and was banned from the NBA for a year's time. I've also heard the story that he did it for his late father. All I know is that it happened.

Question #17

What year did Michael Jordan steal a team high 30 bases, for the Barons?

Good luck!


dayf said...


dayf said...

He also got caught stealing 18 times.

dayf said...

I like seeing these posts pop up on my blog list two minutes after they are posted :)

Steve Gierman said...

Congrats!! Two in row for dayf!!

The caught stealing 18 times is the stat that they always seem to leave out.

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