Saturday, December 6, 2008

Trading With MLB Collector

Another package came in yesterday's mail. This one from Joe at MLB Collector.

We had agreed on a trade of 2008 Topps Heritage. Things escalated from there. Soon enough, Joe threw in some autographs of White Sox players. Not the kind that you find in packs, the kind that you stalk players at the ballpark to get or beg nicely through the mail.

I'm always looking to add to my autograph collection, so I agreed. A uniform relic was added to my pile. I have been adding cards to the pile for Joe as he puts new want lists up.

Can I match this cavalcade of cards?

Let's see what I'm up against.

We'll start with the 2008 Heritage cards.

2008 Topps Heritage
120, 135, 151, 210, 291

2008 Topps Heritage Black Backs

2008 Topps Heritage Flashbacks

2008 Topps Heritage Then & Now

That gets me that much closer to completing the set! Awesome!

On to the relics and autographs!

2008 Topps Relics
TR-MB – Mark Buehrle

1986 Topps
64 – Floyd Bannister

1990 Topps
169 – Richard Dotson

1992 Score
484 – Donn Pall

Four pitchers that I've seen pitch in person. Impressive, when early eighties pitchers are involved. The Pope's signature is bold and large. For those of you outside of the Chicago area, the Pope is Donn Pall. Dotson's signature is tight and compact. Bannister's is very clear, but written in ball point pen. All of them are awesome!

The Buehrle relic is one that I did not have, so I'm very happy!

Next came the surprises. Harold Baines, Carlton Fisk and John Cangelosi cards! Oh my!

Harold Baines
1986 Donruss #13 DK
1988 Donruss #211
1989 Donruss #148
1990 Donruss #402 (2)
1992 Donruss #68 (4)
1992 Score #137 (2)
1992 Tripe Play #34 (2)
1992 Upper Deck #158 (3)
1993 Studio #190

John Cangelosi
1988 Score #418
1990 Donruss #565 (3)
1990 Topps #29

Carlton Fisk
1990 Donruss #58 (4)
1990 Donruss #BC19 (3)
1990 Fleer #530 (2)
1991 Donruss #108 (2)
1992 Score #72
1992 Topps #6301992 Upper Deck #571 (4)

This is the first offering I've gotten, since I've added John Cangelosi to my player collecting list. Nice touch.

Joe, I have a nice stack of cards all set for you. I will be going through your want lists one more time and seeing what else I can add. Your package, along with many others, should ship on Monday.

Thanks, Joe! This has been a wonderful experience!

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