Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Free Cards Question #18: The Final Question

OK, we've made it this far. We've had some fun, but now it all has to end.

The White Sox put some bad teams on the field. It's been balanced out by winning teams and mid-grade teams. When they were bad... they were really bad.

In fact, unless the divisions contract, or many new teams are added, they can't go lower than fifth place. Yet, there were times when they were lower.

Since divisional play started in 1969, they have only finished in seventh place once. Since the expansion into three divisions, they can't finish lower than fifth. To add insult to injury, the year before divisional play started (1968), the White Sox finished eighth! To have only finished in seventh place once since divisional play began is pretty impressive.

Question #18

What was the last year that the White Sox finished in seventh place?

Bonus question!

How many total times did the White Sox finish in seventh place?

Good luck!


Bo said...


Steve Gierman said...

Congrats to Bo for getting the 18the question correct!!

Can anyone get the bonus question??

Bo said...

8 times. that was the only one in divisional play, however.

Steve Gierman said...

We have a winner for the bonus question!!!

Bo said...


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