Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dog By Request

This is our dog, Tess. We're not exactly sure what she is, but she's huge! The vet says that she's probably a mix of Chow and some type of Terrier, possibly Airedale.

We couldn't think of a name for her, when we got her at Animal Welfare. Then a name popped into my head. Nikola Tesla, inventor of AC current, the Tesla Coil and a death ray!

The name fit because it satisfied my curiosity for interesting history and my dad worked for ComEd. My mom thought that Tesla was a weird name for a dog, so we nicknamed her Tess.

We've had Tess since 2002. She was a few years old, by best estimates. Since then, we found out she is a stalker. She will sit out in the backyard, in any kind of weather, and wait for the opportunity to chase something.

Despite her penchant for chasing things, she is intimidated by the three labs next door. If they are out, she sometimes won't go out the door unless nature calls. That's the only thing that we've found that she's a bit timid towards. She even tries to play with our cats. Not that the cats want to play with a large dog.

She hates the camera, so I'm not sure how the groomers got her to sit still for this one. I think the shot turned out beautifully. It's one of the few pictures we have of Tess, and clearly the best looking one.

So, Patricia and Lucy, that is my dog. I hope you liked her.


Slette said...

Because of this post, I now have "Modern Day Cowboy" stuck in my head. That's a good thing.

Dinged Corners said...

Thank you for showing us Tess! We don't blame her for being careful around three Labradors because they can be kind of drooly and big and maybe scary. She is really cute and pretty to me.

Shane said...

Very cute. How is she doing?

Steve Gierman said...

She's doing great! Healthy and as neurotic as ever. :)

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