Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rumors And Innuendo

Unless the tip is solid, I won't be participating much in the rumors and speculation of trades this offseason. If you want the latest White Sox hot stove rumors, go to this site and you will have your fill of White Sox related rumors.

While Nick Swisher, Javier Vazquez and Boone Logan are gone, I've heard rumors about everyone under the sun. All of them cannot pan out and they are too rooted in fiction and speculation to be seriously considered.

I've heard Jermaine Dye is off to the Reds and the Mets. Unless Jermaine is cloned, I don't see both happening. I've heard Jim Thome is gone. I've heard Paul Konerko is gone. Bobby Jenks is out the door. So is Josh Fields and Jerry Owens. Brian Anderson has been headed to other teams for three seasons now.

I've even been made aware of Griffey's intentions of signing with the White Sox for less money because he loves the organization. Sorry, I don't see that happening. It took awhile, but I finally heard the inevitable Sandy Alomar Jr. comeback rumor this offseason too.

All of these things are pure speculation. Deals fall apart at the last minute. Deals happen at the last minute. Some stories are out there just to gauge interest. Some are out there specifically to mislead. Just don't get attached to the rumor mill.

Rumors are great and it's fun to speculate about all the new talent shifting teams. If a trade involves the White Sox, you'll see it here. It will just be here after most of the facts are in. I don't want to be reporting that C.C. Sabathia is coming to the South Side, when all he may be doing in 2009 is pitching for the opposing team at U.S. Cellular Field. That would be as responsible as reporting that Nellie Fox has risen from the grave and wants his job back at second base.

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Billy Suter said...

It's a shame to see Dye leave Chicago, but as Groucho Marx once said, love goes out the door when money comes innuendo.

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