Monday, December 8, 2008

A Cardboard Problem Trading Solution

Marie, from A Cardboard Problem, emailed me about a trade a few weeks ago. Well, we worked out a few details and sent out the respective packages.

I sent out 9 Yankee Stadium Legacy cards and a few surprises to Marie. I was getting a decent amount of Topps Heritage High Numbers cards in return,

I received these Heritage cards in trade.

501, 504, 505, 506, 511, 529, 531, 534, 548, 582, 607, 624, 634, 637, 644, 665, 674, 680, 695, 696, 711

That puts a nice dent in my want list. I'm just glad that I was able to hit 9 cards off of your YSL list. The big surprise was card 511, Jair Jurrjens. This card wasn't on the list and I can't recall if it was mentioned in later e-mails. But there it was, as big as life!

A card of John Danks assures me that my next Danks will go into my White Sox collection. It's also nice to see Ross Gload, even if he is in a Kansas City uniform.

Thanks, Marie! These cards are fantastic! Thank you so much! I hope your cards arrive soon.


Unknown said...

No problem!! We broke a box of 07 Bowman Heritage last night that has been sitting in my room, and I pulled an Erstad GU Bat card if you are interested. Will keep everyone posted when I get my package in the mail.

Steve Gierman said...

Your package should be arriving any time. I was hoping it would have come today.

Erstad GU bat cards flock to me like seagulls. Bring it on!

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