Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mailbox Joys: Fifties Pitchers

Last weekend, I saw a seller on eBay that I haven't seen in awhile. He had a smattering of vintage cards up for auction. There were a few White Sox cards up for auction. I snapped into action and got two of them.

Then serendipity struck me. Why don't I try to pick up a few vintage cards that no one bothered to bid on? That sounds like a novel idea to me. I eventually picked up two other cards of the non-White Sox variety.

One card is from 1955. The other three are from 1956. Hey, how can I resist cards that were made twenty or more years before I was born. Cards that knew a world before the Beatles. Cards that were made when the highest office Richard Nixon held was vice president.

The White Sox cards that I picked up.

1955 Topps
104 - Jack Harshman

1956 Topps
262 - Howie Pollet

The other two cards were also pitchers from the 1956 Topps series. I'll keep the identity of those cards a secret. I might slip them into a trade, unexpectedly, down the road. On the other hand, I may keep them. Vintage cards make me feel happy.

Best of all, not including cheaply obtained mid fifties cards, was the shipping price. $1.50 for as many cards as I could win. So, the four cards only cost $1.50 to ship. Sure, the 1955 White Sox card cost $4.01, but the three 1956 cards cost me between 99 cents and $2.00 each. It makes me wish that I had won more on Saturday.


night owl said...

Absolutely love the 1956 set. Unlimited amount of cash: that's the set I go for.

dayf said...

The '56 set is great. Once I get stuck on my '53 set with nothing left but hall of famers and high numbers I'll probably chase that set.

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