Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random Card #40

There are close to 200 baseball cards of Michael Jordan. Not bad for someone who never played in the Major Leagues! I only have a few. This is not one of them though.

While I am at my future in-laws' house this week, I won't have my usual access, but that's OK. Holiday time is time for families and friends. Blogging ranks in there somewhere, but it's not an absolute priority this week.

This time of year is a time for dreams. Wishes are sometimes fulfilled and when you aren't exposed in the potentially fatal mobs out shopping, it is a magical time. There's something in the air besides the -40 degree wind chill.

When I think of dreams, I think of Michael Jordan and his baseball pursuit. Michael Jordan is probably one of the most gifted athletes to ever grace the planet, even if he is a robot (as suggested by Dennis Rodman on 3rd Rock From The Sun). Yet, Michael could not dominate the world of baseball. He really wasn't even incredibly average.

This only further proved my two theories. Baseball takes more skill than it may appear and Germans love David Hasselhoff. OK, maybe that last one is Norm MacDonald's theory. The baseball one is right on the money though.

If Michael Jordan can live out his dream of playing baseball for a season (even if it was in the minors), then anyone can achieve their dreams. While we are spending time with loved ones, or putting toys together, or just eating a microwaved meal alone over the sink, remember that dreams do occasionally come true. Don't give up on them.

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