Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Box From Eric!

Wow! I received yet another box from Eric! I think he's slowly sending me every card in existence featuring the White Sox.

I saw a nice small, tidy box on my windowsill, well after the mail carrier had gone. It was a substitute carrier, so not only was the mail late, but the box was hidden off to the side. If I hadn't gone out to pick up dinner for the family, I wouldn't have seen it.

I was having a so-so day, with little sleep, so this perked me right up. I saw one or two cards in the pile that I have never laid my eyes upon. The Bionic Bo Fun Pack card, I had never actually seen before. I love the cartoon aspect of the card!

Let's see what goodies arrived in the box!

I'm only listing what I needed for the collection. The want list will be updated tomorrow, with this list.

1988 Donruss AL Best
25 - Ivan Calderon
123 - Dave LaPoint
179 - Melido Perez
193 - Greg Walker
249 - Ken Williams
291 - Steve Lyons

I love the day-glo colors of this release.

1991 Score
36 - Scott Fletcher
179 - Melido Perez

I am now finished with this set!

1991 Upper Deck
621 - Scott Radinsky

I am now one card away from completion!

1992 Pinnacle
607 - Jack McDowell GRIP

1992 Stadium Club
761 - Wilson Alvarez

1993 Fun Pack
31 - Bo Jackson (Hero)
199 - Bo Jackson

Very cool Hero card!

1993 Stadium Club
495 - Bo Jackson

I used mine to get signed at K-Mart. Now, I have a replacement!

1993 Studio
110 - Bo Jackson

I seem to have hit a Bo Jackson vein.

1993 Topps
400 - Bo Jackson

The last Bo. I'm sad.

1994 Topps
392 - Jack McDowell (Greg Maddux)

2000 Topps
119 - Greg Norton

2007 Ultra Retail
35 - Paul Konerko
38 - Mark Buehrle

2008 Allen & Ginter
33 - Nick Swisher

You gotta love Swisher's smile. I just wish his bat would get happy too.

2008 Baseball Heroes
32 - Carlton Fisk (Red Sox)
44 - Paul Konerko

2008 Baseball Heroes Black Parallel
44 - Paul Konerko

2008 Goudey
42 - Paul Konerko

2008 Topps
457 - Josh Fields

The last card I need to complete the set!

2008 Topps Chrome
79 - Paul Konerko

2008 UD First Edition
238 - Juan Uribe
288 - Heath Phillips

Last, but not least....

2008 Topps Heritage
14, 35, 84, 129, 334

2008 Topps Heritage Black Back
16, 61, 117

Talk about a great selection of cards that I needed! This of course doesn't include the cards that I already had. That stack was almost three times the height of this one. I'm amazed that I'm still getting cards knocked off my want list with seemingly random White Sox cards.

Thank you, once again, Eric! You are truly someone who is thoughtful! I will start stacking a new package for you. It may take a while, but it will get there.

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Slette said...

No problem, man. My timing sucks, because I just pulled the A&Gs of Jenks and Cabrera... time to start rebuilding the stack, huh?

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