Monday, September 15, 2008

Random Card #35

2005 White Sox Topps World Champions #5 - Paul Konerko

I picked up something today on a whim and I'm glad I did. It reminded me of Paul Konerko and old school type playing.

What did I pick up? The new Metallica CD, Death Magnetic. I feel like I'm listening to Metallica circa 1989. "The Unforgiven III" is the only misstep I have really heard. I think that James Hetfield has gone to the well one too many times with the Unforgiven theme. It's not too bad, but it feels out of place and forced compared to the rest of the album.

Paul Konerko and this album have many things in common. Mostly, a resurgence as of late to old form. Metallica is reminding me of the glory days, before all the ballads and awards and country music experiments. Paul Konerko has reminded me of the same man who belted out a grand slam in the 2005 Worlds Series. I just hope that the knee that was sprained a few days ago doesn't derail this great late season comeback.

I can say this for both. Even though they are not quite the same, they remind me of their glory days when they exhibited unlimited power and speed. Speed for Paul Konerko, you say? Yes. Speed. Paul Konerko has two infield hits during this late season power display. How about that? Speed out of the batter's box and a speed metal revival. Two surprises in unexpected places.

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