Thursday, September 4, 2008

Random Card #34

I loved the Classic releases as a kid. They always had the coolest designs. Or so I thought at that age. After years of releases that have taken the Classic look and expanded it into new gaudy directions, these cards seem a little blah.

The 1991 designs are a great improvement on the primary eye bleeding colors of the 1990 set. I actually like the washed out pastel color scheme going on in this card.

The 1990 sets were all over the place, but I couldn't find sets of the 1991 releases until just recently. I'm not sure what happened in the course of a year, but I do know that releases after this point were getting rarer. After awhile, Classic just disappeared off the hobby landscape. They put out minor league sets for a few years. Nothing much else, from what I can tell.

These cards will always bring me back to being in high school. I can remember watching shopping networks for hours at a time. I would marvel at all these "rare" sets. I kept wishing that I had a job and a credit card, so I could purchase one set to store and one set to put away of each release.

It's funny the things that you remember when looking through stacks of old cards. Maybe when Donruss gets its full MLB license back, it can rip this design off for some retro set. It certainly looks better than the designs of their sets from that time period.

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