Monday, September 8, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Clayton Richard

Card #25 - Clayton Richard

Clayton joined the Sox this year to help with the fifth spot in the rotation. He has stuck around, due to an injury to Jose Contreras. Clayton has made the most of his time by showing off the skills that brought him up in the first place.

Clayton is still adjusting to being in the big league rotation, but he seems to be improving with each outing. He is starting to get away from the "big inning" that dooms most rookie starting pitchers. If he can learn from his time with the parent club, there may be no telling what the future might hold for Clayton Richard.

I chose to crop this photo, instead of showing the pitching arm. The camera caught the hand at the perfect time to make it one blurry mess. Everything else was fine with the photo, so I cropped out the blurry mess and focused on the face.

I love the emotion in the face. The ball was just released and this is the natural reaction of throwing the ball. You can see all the intensity in Clayton's face.

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