Tuesday, September 2, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Orlando Cabrera

Card #20 - Orlando Cabrera

Orlando came to the White Sox for a price. That price would be pitcher Jon Garland. The hole filled by Jon was soon forgotten when rookie pitchers filled his spot nicely. The value added by Orlando will not be forgotten as easily.

Originally, the plan was for Cabrera to fill the number two spot in the lineup. Unexpected injuries to other players forced the Sox to shuffle the lineup and Orlando ended up in the leadoff spot. Orlando has adjusted to the leadoff spot and has started to thrive in it. Add in an All-Star type defense and you've got a solid player in Cabrera.

This photo shows Cabrera in an almost ballet-like move. In reality, the bat is just out of frame, still in Orlando's left hand. I decided to put the focus on Cabrera's positioning after the swing of the bat. It's pure poetry in motion.

Orlando fills the space nicely. It even appears that he will step out of frame for a second. This might be from one of his rare home runs. Whatever the end result, it looks like Cabrera hit the ball right on the sweet spot.

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