Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yet More Cards From John

John is awesome! He sends unexpected packages of White Sox cards all the way from the UK. He deserves a round of applause for that.

OK, that's enough clapping. You need at least one hand free for scrolling.

This latest package came the other day. I was waiting to post it for a bit, since there were a few things on the schedule slightly ahead of this post. Plus, I wanted to distance this post from the other trade I got in the mail on the same day.

Out of 22 cards that I received, I needed 4. That's a pretty good blind ratio. As I make more trades and receive more cards, my lists are being filled rather nicely. Plus, I have a mountain of White Sox doubles to boot. I would have never imagined that I could get so many cards of White Sox players in less than a year. It's pretty amazing when I step back and look at the generosity of traders in this community.

In addition to the four cards that I needed I got a nice variety of nice doubles. Even a double from 1975! At the beginning of the year I had absolutely no cards from 1975. Now, I have my first double. Simply amazing!

The cards that I needed.

1985 Donruss All-Star (3x5) #25 - Harold Baines
I needed this card for the Baines collection. Very, VERY cool.

1988 Donruss #25 - Ivan Calderon DK
This is the last card that I needed for completion of the regular White Sox team set! Doesn't the background remind you of 1980s G.I. Joe?

1992 Ultra #339 - Dan Pasqua
Another card down for this pesky set.

1998 Score #229 - Jorge Fabregas
My Cubs friend used to call him George Flabby-ass. With all the 1998 Score packs I got in those awful repack boxes, you'd think I'd have all of the set by now.

Yes, there were only those 4 cards from my want list, but wait there's more cool stuff!

A 1975 Topps Tony Muser card! A 1989 Donruss Harold Baines card! A 2001 Fleer Futures Keith Foulke card! A sweet 2006 Bowman Heritage Juan Uribe card with an eye-popping blue background! Four different 2006 Topps All-Star cards! Plus a few random cards from 2007 and 2008!

I almost forgot. A 1990 Donruss card of White Sox fan and area native Donn Pall! I used to love the fact that he was a fan of the team he was playing for.

Thanks, John! Another assortment of great cards! As always, if you would like something in return, please e-mail me with a few suggestions. I have absolutely no problem sending out to the UK.

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