Friday, September 19, 2008

Cheap Seats Doesn't Mean Cheap Trade

I just received a package in the mail from Dan of the Saints of the Cheap Seats blog. Let me just say... WOW!!

Now, I pretty much knew what was coming, but reading it in e-mail and actually seeing it are two very different things. It doesn't seem like a lot, until you factor in the Heritage cards. Take those away and you still have a silk card to whet your appetite.

With the Heritage cards, it's hard to hit a lot of cards that I don't have. It always amazes me when a stack of cards arrive and they are all or mostly all cards that I don't have! There is only one Heritage card that I have. That would be the black back of Ichiro. The only reason that it is a double now, is that it showed up in a surprise package yesterday from Eric. With the handful of Heritage cards from yesterday's trade, I'm awestruck that only one overlapped with Dan's package.

Unbelievable! Let's take a look at what Dan sent over.

1981 Topps
36 - Ed Farmer
83 - Mike Proly
107 - Rich Wortham
164 - LaMarr Hoyt
292 - Mike Squires
323 - Jim Morrison
398 - Ross Baumgarten
466 - Bob "Invisible Coke bottle" Molinaro
487 - Dewey Robinson
589 - Lamar Johnson
664 - White Sox Team
716 - Glenn Borgmann

2005 Upper Deck
328 - Joe Crede
427 - Tadahito Iguchi

2006 Upper Deck Update
1044 - Sean Tracey
1045 - Ozzie Guillen

2007 Artifacts
85 - Jerry Owens

2007 Ultra Retail
33 - A.J. Pierzynski
36 - Bobby Jenks
37 - Jon Garland
38 - Mark Buehrle
210 - John Danks

2007 Upper Deck
620 - Paul Konerko

2008 Finest
49 - Nick Swisher

2008 Topps Heritage
6, 7, 10, 23, 127, 128, 132, 133, 140, 141, 160, 188, 198, 205, 220, 227, 238, 240, 242, 270, 279, 281, 290, 371, 372, 486

2008 Topps Heritage Black Back
3, 67, 81, 92, 155, 175, 262, 323, 330

2008 Topps Heritage Flashbacks
8 - Mickey Mantle

2008 Topps Heritage New Age Performers
2 - Ichiro

2008 Topps Heritage Then & Now
10 - Don Drysdale & Jake Peavy

If that weren't enough...

I present the star of the trade.

2008 Topps Silk Collection

Mark Buehrle 36/50

Awesome. Simply, effectively awesome. I won't spoil the moment with a picture, but I have a strong suspicion that this will be the card spotlight next week.

Thanks, Dan! I am currently putting together your return package. I think I am on cloud 9 right now.


Johngy said...

Despite the fact that Ed is a native Chicagoan, I was never a big fan. Maybe because he went to St. Rita and I went to Mt. Carmel (although years later). A good Catholic League rivalry never really dies!

White Sox Cards said...

That could be. I'm not his biggest fan, since John Rooney left the radio booth for St. Louis. He overpowers lesser talents, like Chris Singleton. He's been better with Steve Stone this year, but I can only wonder what he'll be like next year when Stoney goes to the television side with Hawk Harrelson.

At least that pairing should reign in Hawk a bit.

White Sox Cards said...

Hmmm. Just saw that St. Rita vs. Mt. Carmel was the high school game of the week on ME-TV tonight.

That's an interesting coincidence that I got an Ed Farmer card in the mail today.

Johngy said...

A moment of silence for the now twice-defeated MC Caravan. A tip of the hat to Ed Farmer and his St. Rita Mustangs!

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