Monday, September 15, 2008

A Class Act

With K-Rod breaking Bobby Thigpen's record, it seemed like everyone was looking for Bobby to say something. Well, Bobby, in his own way, has broken the silence. I wouldn't expect anything less than this personal note that was sent to Rodriguez.

"Only a handful of major league relievers understand what it takes to reach the 50-save mark," Thigpen wrote. "Your record-setting season is an accomplishment you should treasure this year for and for years into the future. I am certain your record for saves will stand for many, many seasons to come."

Thigpen, who now manages the White Sox's rookie league affiliate in Bristol, Va., wrote that Dave Righetti sent him a congratulatory note after breaking the record the former Yankees reliever set.

"I wanted to continue that tradition with a note of my own to you," Thigpen wrote.

He closed the letter, which the White Sox distributed to the media, by writing, "I wish you continued success this season and with your outstanding career."


Dinged Corners said...

That's wonderful!

deal said...

I am sure not many people remember this but late in his career Thigpen was traded to the Phillies to bolster their bullpen during their 1993 stretch run. Thigpen was on the Phils Post-Season Roster and got to pitch in the World Series.

Scott Thigpen said...

I remember that :) I was in college in South Georgia and was not well thought of when the Phillies knocked the Braves out.

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