Friday, September 26, 2008

Card Spotlight: 9-26-08

2008 Topps Silk Collection #31 - Mark Buehrle 36/50

Even though the White Sox seem to be doing everything in their power to throw their season away, doesn't mean that I have to let my collection do the same. If the White Sox manage to limp backwards into the playoffs, it won't be the most improbable scenario, but pretty darn close.

Even as frustrating as this past three game series in Minnesota has been, I'm still ecstatic about this card I received earlier in the week from Dan of Saints of the Cheap Seats blog.

This is my first silk card and it is simply stunning! It has a tiny window for touching, but I don't think I'll be doing any touching of this card. The scan really doesn't do the card justice. Although, the scanner does pick up on the subtle hint of blue on the card encasing.

As for Dan's trade back, I have been putting cards aside for him and they will go out soon to complete the trade. I am waiting for one special card that I will send along. It should be in my hands next week.

There really is no card back to speak of. The silk part is plain white. The back of the card encasing consists of tiny copyright information and such. There's not much room, as the tiny silk card inside the standard size card holder is the main focus. As well it should be.


Dave said...

Great card! It'll be interesting to see who comes out on top between the White Sox and Twins. I'm rooting for the Twins to finish 1/2 game ahead of the Sox, forcing the Sox to play a makeup game against Detroit on Monday. Then I'm hoping the Sox win that game, forcing a playoff against the Twins on Tuesday. Then the winner of that game can enter the Tropicana slaughterhouse to lose to the rested Rays on Wednesday :)

White Sox Cards said...

That's probably what will happen knowing the luck of the Sox this year. :)

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