Monday, September 1, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Brian Anderson

Card #19 - Brian Anderson

Brian was supposed to be the next great outfielder. He could run. He could catch. Most importantly, he could hit. A funny thing happens when you expect too much. It doesn't happen.

Brian spent a few years lost in between AAA and the parent club. Now, Brian seems to have found his niche as a fourth outfielder. He plays the late innings for defense, gets the spot start and pinch runs. The focus is on his strengths in short bursts. This style of play has produced a more consistent level of play for Brian. One that will be the building blocks for future success.

I loved this photo of Brian celebrating with the team. While I forget exactly what happened here, I do remember that Brian won the game. It looks like everyone is having a great time and Brian is the focal point.

The goofy face on Carlos Quentin makes the picture. Cropped out of the photo was Joe Crede, looking very similar to Ghostface from the Scream movies. The filters really weren't kind to Joe Crede, so he gone, as Hawk would say. The filters make everyone else look slightly surreal, but bordering on lampoon. I think that's OK. After all, it is a goofy celebration. Why not have it look a bit goofy and fun.

1 comment:

capewood said...

Good photo. I'm glad you explained they were celebrating. I thought a fight was being broken up.

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