Friday, September 12, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: A.J. Pierzynski

Card #29 - A.J. Pierzynski

What can be said about A.J. that hasn't already been stated? He knows how to squeeze the most out of a game. If he's on your team, you love him. If A.J. happens to be playing against your team, he is the most hated man on the field.

A.J. has a knack of getting into sticky situations and making them turn to his favor. He leaves everything out on the field. There are no regrets in his style of play. When things go awry, you can usually hear a teammate say, "That's another heads up play by A.J.".

I chose this photo of A.J. because he's sticking his tongue out. This is his reaction to a throw not getting a baserunner. You can see the emotion of each play in his face. He reacts, then moves on.

This is another thing that you don't normally find on a baseball card. The negative reaction. Usually if a player is showing any type of emotion, it's of the celebratory variety. Players are just like us, they have a wide array of emotions.

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