Tuesday, September 9, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Chris Getz

Card #26 - Chris Getz

Chris is the second baseman of the future. The future may be as soon as 2009, depending on a few key moves during the off season by the Sox. Either way, Chris should enjoy a permanent home of the South Side shortly.

Chris is a great defensive player. He will get almost anything that is hit his way. The bat is impressive too. He makes solid contact and is seeing the ball very well. His average should jump up with more consistent playing time in the majors.

I'm not happy with this photo of Chris Getz. The image is fine, but despite playing in a few games and making key plays, I could not find one image of Chris wearing number 39. This shot was taken during a Spring Training game.

I like the photo because there is an optical illusion going on. Chris has just caught the ball with a sliding Brad Eldred backing him up. Yet, there is a white blur right by Brad's glove. I'm not exactly sure what that out of focus mess is, but it's not the ball. You can clearly see that in Chris' glove.

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