Friday, September 5, 2008

An Open Letter To

OK, I give up. What makes this blog a spamming blog? Is it the fact that I post several times a day a vast majority of the time? Is it that I make posts into lists on occasion? Tell me I would really like to know.

I have requested to be removed four different times from this word verification step before posting. This restriction is only on this blog. I can post without trying to figure out squiggly letters on my other three blogs. So, what makes this so different?

Each time I request this process, I am taken to a screen that lets me know that someone from will contact me after they have made visual contact with my blog. That has never happened. Like a tie game of tic-tac-toe, I am forced to start another game. I don't want to play games anymore. This was cute, at first, but now it's just annoying and frustrating.

I cannot find any contact information for and I can't find an answer in the help section. What am I supposed to do here? It doesn't effect posting, but I tend to correct tiny mistakes that I catch after the fact. Sometimes, the formatting doesn't look right. Sometimes the wording isn't up to par. Sometimes I catch something that the spell checker didn't catch.

Each time I do tiny corrections, I have to strain my eyes to figure out if that letter is a "v" or a "u" or if the letter is a "d" or a "c" and an "l" stuck close together. I don't have the time for this. I do have other things that are more important in my life than figuring out puzzles to post an article.

I like it here, so please, take this site off the word verification posting restriction. It's a bit ludicrous that this site is a spamming blog. One look at the posts and the comments should be able to determine that this is maintained by an actual live person that writes every word and types every letter.

I like the option for the comments section. I use that on every blog that I maintain to keep out unwanted comment. I have no fault for the word verification system itself, just the application of it in this instance. I want my control back. I want my wasted time down to a minimum.

I understand that the initial bug was a software error, but this length of time and multiple requests, goes beyond ridiculous. To paraphrase a famous quote... "I am not a robot! I am a human being! I … am … a man!"

I hope this clears any confusion on your part.


madding said...

That sounds really strange. I assumed that the word verification was a voluntary setting you could set up for your own blog, so I didn't know that it would affect your own postings.

Wax Heaven said...

My friend, it's time to join the wonderful world of Wordpress!

--David said...

supposedly, you can send email to There are a LOT of people who are becoming more and more frustrated by google's practices regarding blogger...

White Sox Cards said...

Word verification is a voluntary setting for other areas of the blog, except when's software pegs you as a spamming blog. You are supposed to send your e-mail in a form and it would be taken care of as soon as a employee saw the blog.

I just sent my e-mail on the form for the fourth time this morning. When it is in the middle of this process, you can't resend your e-mail. This tells me that the period for review expired three different times without action.

Someone was supposed to contact me after review. Not a single e-mail.

I've been considering jumping over to wordpress, since I already have an account there. If this continues, I just might.

I'll try the support e-mail. I couldn't for the life of me find any contact info. I'm happy with, except for this one thing. If it keeps up, I may jump ship.

desert plume said...

That sounds verrrry annoying--and worrisome that you don't get any support. But we hope you don't jump ship! For instance, Wordpress has issues too, especially for new users.

White Sox Cards said...

Nothing is perfect. This little glitch is verrry annoying, but it's not the end of the world. It's just verrry annoying.

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